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    A burly cord ideal for big routes, the Black Diamond 10.2 sports a robust diameter that’s built to withstand a barrage of use


    Whether you’re threading big icicles, or extending pro on a wandering trad pitch, the Rabbit Runner is the full-strength sling you want. Featuring two different size sewn pockets, the 110cm long Rabbit is ultra-versatile, with one tight pocket (26mm) designed to hold a carabiner steady and one that's open (72mm), allowing you to girth-hitch with ease. Tested at 22kN, the Rabbit Runner uses 13mm Dynex webbing, and is lightweight (35 grams) and less bulky than the competition, making it an understated, yet crucial tool for trad, alpine or ice climbing.

    • Single-strand tested to 22kN
    • Two different size sewn pockets for versatility
    • 110cm (white with black)
    • Certified EN 566




    Weight :  35 g (1.2 oz)
    Strength :  22 kN (4,496 lbf)


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