Code : 20-0030
Product Details Originally designed for Ski Patrol, the Kigali backpacks are quickly finding themselves popular in SAR, Police and even EMS applications. With three different sizes to choose from, the...
Code : 010900
Maquette en plastique articulée permettant d'expliquer la libération des voies aérienne par bascule de la tête et/ou subluxation de la mâchoire.
RÉSUMÉ An outfit to protect your rescue canine that serves as a dog rescue harness too.   Nylon body and breast plate with heavy duty webbing straps and non-slip buckles. This medical dog...
Code : RCP-1-REG
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Unparalleled in design and workmanship, the RCP-1 Pro radio chest harness comes loaded with all the bells and whistles. Perfected over time from customers' feedback to become the most comfortable...
Code : 29271-163-XXS
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  Conçu en collaboration avec les patrouilleurs de l'Amérique du Nord et de l'Europe. Le Patrol Jacket est un mateau performant pour les professionnels du secourisme et du sauvetage en...
Code : 29349-161-XXS
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RESUME  Une veste versatile avec plusieurs compartiments médicaux afin de faciliter l'accès au matériel d'intervention. Ce modèle est spécialement conçu par et pour les spécialiste en recherche et sauvetage en...
Code : D30BCN 015
RÉSUMÉ  EXO AP HOOK is a personal escape system with HOOK anchor hook adapted for locations where the possibility of finding an anchor point is uncertain. It has a self-braking...
Code : RP203-REG
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The RP-1 Scout radio chest harness was specially designed for use with a backpack. The perimeter is ergonomically designed to contour any backpack shoulder straps and cut out weight, thus...
Code : 01MM13
  Ciseaux universel-style paramedic Détails du produit À venir  Fichiers Aucun fichier disponible pour le moment !    Vidéos Aucun vidéo disponible pour le moment !  
Code : WC-03
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Code : RTC1
RÉSUMÉ Designed for the medic or technician that will not compromise on balance or agility, this larger version of our award winning Adjusta-pro™ radio chest harness is really a tool...
Code : 20-0035BK
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Product Details Originally designed for Ski Patrol, the Kigali backpacks are quickly finding themselves popular in SAR, Police and even EMS applications. With three different sizes to choose from, the...
Code : 28924 - 160- M/L
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Conçu, testé et modifié avec l'aide de certains de nos principaux patrouilleurs alpins, cette combinaison combinée hybride de patrouille et de veste, le gilet IPA est un cheval de bataille...
Code : RP201-REG
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Communication is key and the DR-1 Commander will keep all your communication devices in the right place at the right time. Almost a twin to the RCP-1 Pro radio chest...
Code : RP204
Adapt your chest harness the way you want it. PALS face plate allows you to attach any MOLLE accessory item to this chest harness.  Two zipper-close internal storage pockets for...
Code : ME-P003
  Masque de poche avec valve anti-retour et étuit rigide Montagne Explore Détails à venir Fichiers Aucun fichier disponible pour le moment !    Vidéos Aucun vidéo disponible pour le moment...
Code : 29032-991-XXS
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RESUME This highly breathable 3-layer pants is inspired by those mountain pros needing to boot pack or skin to those hard to reach places. Don’t be fooled as it is...
Code : DOP1
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Our Divided organizer pockets are the same outside dimensions as our Large Organizer pockets, so they will fit into any of our MOS compatible kits. The Divided Organizer sports six pockets and...
Code : 7010-0402
RÉSUMÉ The C-Splint™ is a pliable thin core of aluminum alloy, sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam which becomes extremely strong and supportive for any fractured or injured limb....
Code : SK-765-b-RED
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Skedco’s unique anchor design allows escape from burning buildings where there are no other anchors available. This is your “Last Chance Bailout” device. It will fold to be carried in...
Code : 9781284099157
PHTLS Secours et soins préhospitaliers aux traumatisés, Huitième Édition est le programme mondial d'éducation de traumatologie et préhospitalière éprouvé le plus important de la NAEMT. Au cours de trois décennies,...
Code : E78001
RÉSUMÉ  The POCHE pouch allows the PIXA headlamp to be carried and protected any time. The headlamp is always readily accessible on the waistbelt. DESCRIPTION Quick opening flap system with...
Code : 20-0080-BK
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Product Details The Cirque Patrol Fanny Packs are made for those patrollers who like to go light and fast! These packs maximize the carrying capacity by having pockets intelligently placed, as...
Code : 13OR11-36
GSI - Canule nasropharyngee 36Fr
Code : 29342-160-XS
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RÉSUMÉ A hooded version of our top-selling insulated midlayer jacket. A frequently requested style by mountain pros, this stylish jacket provides the comfort and insulating Primaloft® warmth needed for those...
Code : 031-3065
RÉSUMÉ The Pedi-Pac® provides spinal immobilization, as well as a restraint, for children from 28in to 54in tall, weighing 20 to 90 lb. An adjustable head support and color-coded straps...
Code : BD8104500000ALL1
RÉSUMÉ  The world's strongest, most reliable single-point suspension sleeping system, the Single Portaledge is a stable, comfortable ledge for soloists and third wheels DESCRIPTION The world's strongest, most reliable single-point...
Code : BG-10690
Take the whole family along on winter adventures. The SnowCoach MPV is the first large multiple passenger carrying sleigh on the market today. The SnowCoach MPV is excellent for large...
Code : BPS-11
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Survival Sleeping bag Description Triple Cell Survival Sleeping Bag Has Best Insulating Dynamics of Any Survival Bag (Bivvy) Tactical Olive Drab - Reversible to Silver for Emergency Signaling and...
Code : 2075-0110
RÉSUMÉ The Backcountry kit set the standard for backcountry medical care for over 20 years and continues to do so today. DESCRIPTION The Backcountry kit set the standard for backcountry...
Code : AS410-RED
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RÉSUMÉ Organize your medical supplies, pack supplies, etc. with our organization modules. DESCRIPTION Organize your medical supplies, pack supplies, etc. with our organization modules.  Color coded each module comes with...
Code : 6MM1
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RÉSUMÉ Chosen for its balance of suppleness vs torsional rigidity. DESCRIPTION Chosen for its balance of suppleness vs torsional rigidity. 6mm and 7mm sizes are appropriate for personal use such...
Code : 0007-5100
RÉSUMÉ The convenience of a 4 oz. squeeze bottle makes BurnFree Pain Relieving Gel portable and easy to use to treat burns. DESCRIPTION The convenience of a 4 oz. squeeze...
Code : Z10ADA S
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  RÉSUMÉ  Hooded cotton sweater with hood with Petzl logo DESCRIPTION  SPECIFICATIONS VIDEO
Code : SA XT-M
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Engineered for rapid application, SAM XT’s innovative design normalizes the number of windlass turns needed compared to traditional tourniquets, enabling an easier, faster training of the product and intuitive use. Meets...
Code : 45104.01.100
The NRS NFPA Rope Rescue Throw Bag is the ideal choice for the rescue professional or any boater looking for a bag with extra-strong rope that's easy to grasp and...
Code : ME-P004
Casquette Rescue Hat - Montagne Explore
Code : 010-8039
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Ferno’s Scoop EXL Stretcher provides superior comfort and safety to patients who need spinal immobilization. The Scoop EXL eliminates the need for log-roll maneuvers, which significantly decreases movement to the...
Code : C72WFA 0C
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RÉSUMÉ  Fall arrest and work positioning harness that is easily donned thanks to its EASYFIT design. A vest ensures the harness keeps its shape and the FAST automatic buckles (waistbelt...