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The LS Response Pack is designed after mountain bike packs but with more versatility. The LS can be worn by itself or attached to many other Conterra packs for enhanced...
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RÉSUMÉ An indispensable uniform component for any rescuer, the PMI® Radio Harness adjusts instantly to comfortably fit any size person. Radio compartment also adjusts to fit all models of radios,...
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RÉSUMÉ  Based on the proven design of Tuefelberger KM III Rescue Rope, this low-stretch 8.5-mm kernmantle escape line provides outstanding performance with its polyester sheath covering a nylon core. It’s...
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RÉSUMÉ  CE Model not available for purchase in the United States. Please click here for the standard NFPA model. For pricing and availability of the CE Model, please contact a … DECRIPTION CE...
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RÉSUMÉ  CE Model not available for purchase in the United States. Please click here for the standard NFPA model. For pricing and availability of the CE Model, please contact a …  DECRIPTION CE...
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RÉSUMÉ  SOLD BY THE FOOT. We've been using our one-inch flat web in our rescue classes for several years and it's proven to be an excellent performer. While not all...
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RÉSUMÉ  Our custom rope bag cards fit into the clear-view display sleeve on our new CMC Rope Bags and Rope & Equipment Bags to display contents including agency name, rope...
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RÉSUMÉ  Revised 5th Edition by Tom Pendley This updated field guide covers Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Trench Rescue, Structural Collapse and Helicopter Operations. Its designed to compliment...
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RÉSUMÉ  Revised 5th Edition CMC Rescue, Inc. Revised 5th Edition. The companion Field Guide to the CMC Rope Rescue Manual features water- and tear-proof stock for lasting durability. The spiral-bound...
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RÉSUMÉ  Confined space rescue is a very technical discipline with a wide variety of hazards that must be identified and mitigated. The Confined Space Rescue Technician Field Guide (Second Edition)...
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RÉSUMÉ  5th Edition Edited by James A. Frank With more than 75,000 copies sold, the CMC Rope Rescue Manual has become the standard reference for many departments and rope rescue...
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RÉSUMÉ  Revised 2nd Edition CMC Staff The CMC Confined Space Rescue Technician Manual is the textbook for confined space rescue courses taught by the CMC School. It is the official...
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RÉSUMÉ  Our All-Weather Rope Log contains 20 rope log forms on heavy Rite-in-the-Rain™ paper. Ample space is provided to document critical lifeline information and log use and inspection. The cover...
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RÉSUMÉ  TRENCH RESCUE TECHNICIAN MANUAL By CMC Rescue, Inc. One of the most challenging and complex technical rescue disciplines, trench rescue requires specialized knowledge, skills and abilities to operate safely...
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RÉSUMÉ  by Slim Ray The revised edition has new sections on urban flooding, HAZMAT, flood channels, highline rigging, and animal rescue. Other sections include such swiftwater rescue basics as rescuer...
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RÉSUMÉ  by Slim Ray Slim Ray, one of the most respected names in kayaking and river rescue, has written this book on river rescue for the emergency responder. Topics include:...
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RÉSUMÉ  Designed to be a quick-donning, lightweight harness that the handler can pack into the field, the K9 ProSeries Rappel Harness features rugged Cordura® nylon panels on the outside and...
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RÉSUMÉ  NEW! The K9 Lifesaver Harness™ was originally developed for the San Francisco Fire Department to use for rescuing stranded dogs from coastal cliffs. The department consulted with a veterinarian to help...
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RÉSUMÉ  Improved! Designed to be a lightweight, portable harness that the handler can pack into the field, the K9 Rappel Harness features rugged Cordura® nylon panels on the outside and...
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RÉSUMÉ  NEW! With great pride in our roots as an American-made manufacturer, we choose to honor our Main Street values by helping other small businesses like us succeed. In partnership...
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RÉSUMÉ  This insulated bottle’s got all the bells and whistles, making it the perfect “never let you down” companion mug for conquering the mountain or hard training day. Grit guard...
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RÉSUMÉ  The official manikin of the Firefighter Combat Challenge, Simulaids manikins are the best way to maintain the reality of rescue training without using a live subject. Fully articulated, Rescue...
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RÉSUMÉ  Made of tough CORDURA® nylon to protect your SCBA mask, this protector features a hook-and-loop closure on the top to keep the bag sealed, but allow quick access. Web...
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RÉSUMÉ  Our Heavy Rescue Organizer (HRO) is one-half of a two-part system designed to efficiently organize rope rescue equipment. Hardware is stored in the three large compartments of this zipper-pocketed...
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RÉSUMÉ  Skedco recommends the use of extrication collars in conjunction with the Oregon Spine Splint II (OSS) and considers the Laerdal Stifneck to be the finest on the market today....
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RÉSUMÉ  The flotation system for the Sked Stretcher maintains the patient in a nearly vertical position. It is designed so that a patient in the water can be loaded into...
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RÉSUMÉ  Developed by Skedco for use with the Sked Stretcher, the OSS II fits inside a rolled up stretcher. Skedco states “the OSS II is the safest, most effective vest-type...
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RÉSUMÉ  Taller and with a Universal Mounting Bracket Protect your patient from further trauma during litter evacuations and carry-outs with our Litter Shield Plus. Since its inception, this device has...
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RÉSUMÉ  Trusted and proven from years in the field, our Litter Shield attaches to a mount on the litter rail that allows the shield to quickly pivot and nest inside...
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RÉSUMÉ  The Entry-Ease changes the edge of a manhole into a smooth surface that a person or stretcher can slide over. It fits entries as small as 18 inches (46...
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RÉSUMÉ  CERTIFIED! The Helitack HotSeat™ rescue extrication device is designed for rapid transport of a subject by means of helicopter short-hauling or hoisting. The quick-donning device expedites the rescue by...
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RÉSUMÉ  IMPROVED! The updated version of the Helitack Stork has new features that improve the safety and efficiency of infant transport during helicopter hoist rescue operations. The opening panel was...
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RÉSUMÉ  CERTIFIED! The Helitack AirBag™ is designed for rapid extraction of a subject by means of a single-point suspension from a helicopter by short-haul or hoist evacuation. Constructed from heavy-duty...
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RÉSUMÉ  The CMC Short Haul Line features synthetic fibers that deliver an unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio. The line is non-conductive and can be stuffed and stored in a rope bag without...
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RÉSUMÉ  New!  Patients need to be packaged into litters safely and securely without delay. FastLoops™ Litter Straps were devised to be pre-rigged into the litter and left in place for...
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RÉSUMÉ  For many years the accepted method for securing a patient in a litter was improvised internal and external lashings using one-inch tubular web. Critical patient-packaging time could be lost...
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RÉSUMÉ  Confined spaces and narrow openings require the litter to be rigged with the patient held vertically in order to fit, and these openings usually end with a 90-degree transition....
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RÉSUMÉ  Designed for high-angle rescues where minimum weight is important, such as backcountry rescues or air operations, this harness has legs that adjust with a cam buckle for easily placing...
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RÉSUMÉ  Faster to use than tying a harness out of web, the Low-Angle Litter Harness fits on the outside of the litter, delivering greater stability than connecting carabiners directly to...
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RÉSUMÉ  This fully adjustable litter harness intended for use with a rigid litter features parachute buckles on each of the four legs. This allows them to be adjusted independently, so...
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