Code : C04110 M
RÉSUMÉ  The TREESBEE SCREWLINK anchor strap is used to improve rope glide at the anchor while protecting the tree from abrasion. It is designed for ropes with sewn terminations (the...
Code : D22A
RÉSUMÉ  The ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik allows the user to move around efficiently in a tree using classic Prusik pulley system technique. The friction chain provides precision and fluidity when moving...
Code : MGOO 60
RÉSUMÉ  MGO OPEN 60 is an auto-locking directional connector with large gate opening for connection to metal structures or to large-diameter cables and bars. It has a gated connection point...
Code : C69R
RÉSUMÉ  Adjustable attachment bridge for SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses allows quick and precise adjustment of the position of progression tools installed on the bridge DESCRIPTION Allows the position of...
Code : L71AA 20
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RÉSUMÉ  The ASAP’SORBER lanyard connects to the ASAP or ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester to allow the user to work at a distance from the rope, in order to protect...
Code : A10BBC
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RÉSUMÉ  The VERTEX VENT helmet is very comfortable, thanks to its six-point textile suspension and CENTERFIT and FLIP&FIT systems, which guarantee that the helmet fits securely on the head. The...
Code : S071AA00
RÉSUMÉ  The PODIUM provides optimal comfort during prolonged suspension. The wide sitting position offers excellent stability. Rigid sides prevent the webbing straps from cutting into the thighs. The easy-to-use seat...
Code : B02CLA
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RÉSUMÉ  PANTIN is a foot ascender designed for more efficient and less tiring rope ascents, also available in left-foot version. DESCRIPTION Facilitates rope ascents:- used to complement CROLL, ASCENSION or...
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