Code : TRA20-0030
Resume Originally designed for Ski Patrol, the Kigali backpacks are quickly finding themselves popular in SAR, Police and even EMS applications. With three different sizes to choose from, the Kigali...
Code : 29349-161-XXS
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RESUME  Une veste versatile avec plusieurs compartiments médicaux afin de faciliter l'accès au matériel d'intervention. Ce modèle est spécialement conçu par et pour les spécialiste en recherche et sauvetage en...
Code : 29271-163-XXS
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  Conçu en collaboration avec les patrouilleurs de l'Amérique du Nord et de l'Europe. Le Patrol Jacket est un mateau performant pour les professionnels du secourisme et du sauvetage en...
Code : TRA20-0080-BK
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Resume Cirque Patrol fanny packs are made for those patrollers who like to go light and fast!  These packages maximize the load capacity by having pockets positioned in an intelligent way,...
Code : 20-0035BK
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Resume Originally designed for Ski Patrol, the Kigali backpacks are quickly finding themselves popular in SAR, Police and even EMS applications. Product Details  Originally designed for Ski Patrol, the Kigali...
Code : 01MM13
  Ciseaux universel-style paramedic Détails du produit À venir  Fichiers Aucun fichier disponible pour le moment !    Vidéos Aucun vidéo disponible pour le moment !  
Code : 28924 - 160- M/L
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Conçu, testé et modifié avec l'aide de certains de nos principaux patrouilleurs alpins, cette combinaison combinée hybride de patrouille et de veste, le gilet IPA est un cheval de bataille...
Code : ME-P001
   Montagne Explore - Manuel de secourisme - Patrouilleur alpin Détails À venir  Fichiers Aucun fichier disponible pour le moment !    Vidéos Aucun vidéo disponible pour le moment !  ...
Code : 29032-991-XXS
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RESUME This highly breathable 3-layer pants is inspired by those mountain pros needing to boot pack or skin to those hard to reach places. Don’t be fooled as it is...
Code : BPS-11
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Survival Sleeping bag Description Triple Cell Survival Sleeping Bag Has Best Insulating Dynamics of Any Survival Bag (Bivvy) Tactical Olive Drab - Reversible to Silver for Emergency Signaling and...
Code : BPS2-10FP
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Réflextive thermal blanket Description Réflextive thermal blanket Spécification Poids: 250g Format de livraison: Flat or cube (voir photos) Vidéo
Code : E78001
RÉSUMÉ  The POCHE pouch allows the PIXA headlamp to be carried and protected any time. The headlamp is always readily accessible on the waistbelt. DESCRIPTION Quick opening flap system with...
RESUME Tape hangers are indispensible for quick repairs and medical tape holders.The most sought after first aid device since the band aid! Tape hangers work great clipped around your aid...
Code : BD11511900001801
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RESUME  Designed with the needs of our pro athlete team in mind and outfitted with a moderate 100-mm waist, the Black Diamond Boundary Patrol 100 is the ski to reach...
Code : FCP01
AKA THE ISRAELI BANDAGE Description Spécification Vidéo
Code : D200L0
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RÉSUMÉ  The I’D L self-braking descender is primarily designed for technical rescue. It has an ergonomic handle that allows comfortable descent control. The integrated anti-panic function and anti-error catch limit...
Code : 980010
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RÉSUMÉ As a single piece, that requires no assembly, the Stifneck Select collar is an easy choice for patients requiring spinal immobilization. DESCRIPTION As a single piece, that requires no...
Code : CRC-RDH-1600
RÉSUMÉ Our Rock Solid Radio harness makes use of a burrito wrap style radio protection system that ensures your valuable radio stays put! This harness will adjust to virtually any...
Code : CRC-RDH-650
RÉSUMÉ Completely re-designed, this belt harness is equally at home on your belt or pack shoulder strap. Completely adjustable bottom holster and side straps with extra security thanks to a...
RÉSUMÉ The F3 Kit represents a huge leap forward in both safety and weight reduction of self-evacuation kits. We started with a custom "tactical" style bag and crafted internal pockets...
RÉSUMÉ An outfit to protect your rescue canine that serves as a dog rescue harness too.   Nylon body and breast plate with heavy duty webbing straps and non-slip buckles. This medical dog...
Code : CRC-SPL-CLS25
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RÉSUMÉ Indispensable in the field! These rugged cardboard splints are made of 275lb cardboard. They're made to lay flat but scored and tabbed to be quickly assembled into a leg...
Code : CRC-TRP-18PTR
RÉSUMÉ Replacement tail rope for Cascade Toboggan Model 100, 350 or for use as a belay on Model 200 Series Litters. Made of extremely durable, light-weight and waterproof three-strand twisted polypropylene. Approximately...
Code : 45154,01,100-1413
Omega Modified D shaped 1/2" Steel Screw-Lok Carabiner has a strength rating of 63kN (that's over 14,000 lbs.!). Description Omega Modified D shaped 1/2" Steel Screw-Lok Carabiner has a...
Code : FCP-03
Aka the Israeli bandage Description 4'' bandage kit Spécification Vidéo
Code : FCP-02
As the #1 selling trauma bandage, and a standard of care in the world's elite militaries, the Emergency Bandage® is a multifunctional hemorrhage control solution. Description As the #1...
Code : P50A
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RÉSUMÉ  The RESCUE pulley is very strong and efficient: ideal for rescue, hauling heavy loads and intensive use. DESCRIPTION Designed to maneuver heavy loads or for intensive use Large diameter...
Code : BT-01
Code : BPS-10
PerSys Medical - Blizzard Survival Blanket Green, ultra-compact survival jacket, shelters entire torso, features Reflexcell™ technology for maximum heat retention.
Code : BH-03
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Blanket with heat pads attached Description Easy-to-wrap patient placement with full length center Velcro access Total body core heating coverage with 4 large oxygen-activated heating pads (movable applications of...
Code : BSPR-02
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Relative Thermal blanket Description Rescue blanket Spécification Poids: 620g Vidéo
Code : 311
Quick and simple sling favored by ski patrol and swift water rescue personnel. Description Quick and simple sling favored by ski patrol and swift water rescue personnel. Side opening...
RESUME Line Belay, identical to our Line Saver with a pulley system option. DESCRIPTION Virtually identical to our Line Saver, the Line Belay is designed to allow easier descents by...
Code : C80
RÉSUMÉ  The BERMUDE is an evacuation triangle without shoulder straps that is easily put on and adapts without adjustment to different sizes. DESCRIPTION Easy and quick to put on (even...
Code : S41AR 025
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RÉSUMÉ  Simple and durable, the BUCKET bag allows the user to store a rope and any associated gear. It remains upright and keeps its shape, even when empty, for easy...
Code : M36A SL
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RÉSUMÉ  The lightweight WILLIAM large-capacity asymmetrical carabiner is made of aluminum. It has a pear shape that is practical for easily connecting multiple items. Its fluid interior design and Keylock...
Code : E78002
RÉSUMÉ  The RUBBER headband adapts to all helmets on the market and holds the PIXA headlamp securely in positio DESCRIPTION Ideal for industrial helmets that are not equipped with positioning...
Code : P28
RÉSUMÉ  The RING OPEN gated ring is designed for the semi-permanent connection of equipment. Its round shape ensures optimal functioning in all directions. It has a wide opening that allows...
Code : C71AAA 0U
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RÉSUMÉ  The AVAO BOD fall arrest, work positioning and suspension harness is designed for greater comfort in a variety of situations. Wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops give excellent support....
Code : C777-GS
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RÉSUMÉ Mousqueton en acier DESCRIPTION Mousqueton en acier SPÉCIFICATION C777 Locksafe (Triple Action Lock) Carabiner Cold Formed Steel 100% proof loaded to 3,600 lbs (16kN) Min tensile strength 10,000 lbs...