Montagne Explore - Masque de poche
Code : ME-P003
  Masque de poche avec valve anti-retour et étuit rigide Montagne Explore Détails à venir Fichiers Aucun fichier disponible pour le moment !    Vidéos Aucun vidéo disponible pour le moment...
Code : 45216,01,100
The RQ3 Firehose Inflation System is useful for both swiftwater and ice rescue. Description The RQ3 Firehose Inflation System is useful for both swiftwater and ice rescue. Filled with...
Code : 86114,01,100-1179
The RDC (Rapid Deployment Craft) is the safest, most durable, easy-to-use inflatable rescue boat ever made. It works in so many applications that this may be the only rescue...
Code : 45103,01,100-1825 O-1
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Whitewater safety is a serious matter. The NRS Standard Rescue Throw Bag is an excellent tool for protecting you and your buddies in swiftwater emergency situations. Description Whitewater safety...
Code : 55003,01,103
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The NRS Purest Duffel Bag features hefty fabric construction and high-strength mesh to allow Description The NRS Purest Duffel Bag features hefty fabric construction and high-strength mesh to allow...
North Water - Wedge Throw Line 60' x 1/4 spectrX
Code : 10TB-30aa
The professionals choice. Designed to be accurate, rugged and reliable. Description The professionals choice. Designed to be accurate, rugged and reliable. Easily match user requirements with Small and Large bags...
Code : 40-010
Achieve maximum distance with the Line Launcher coated aluminum projectile.
Code : 20RES-37
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Pro System is the 'new standard of care' in professional PFDs. The public agencies who have adopted the Pro System for the safety, function, and versatility, speaks for the lasting...
Code : 71651.01
Using the highest quality LED available, the Princeton Tec Aqua Strobe LED is sure to grab attention whether it's on your PFD or your boat. Princeton Tec's Maxbright LED is...
Code : 45104.01.100
The NRS NFPA Rope Rescue Throw Bag is the ideal choice for the rescue professional or any boater looking for a bag with extra-strong rope that's easy to grasp and...
Code : 40025.01.101
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Type V PFD. 22 lbs of flotation, adjustability to fit chest sizes from 30 to 58 inches, and all the features you will ever need in a rescue vest. The...
Code : 45309.01.100
All the essentials for a basic Z-Drag set-up in one small kit, created specifically to address the needs of creek boaters.  This kit includes a throw bag with rope, prusik...
Code : MANU 000160
The Ferno Flotation Collar attaches to any basket stretchers and provides 45 pounds of buoyancy during water rescue. 45 lbs. of buoyancy for water rescues. Benefits Designed for use with...
Code : 201707
This strong tether, made from 1-inch tubular web with a built-in bungee, works as a “live bait” water rescue attachment to your PFD. As a connection between a PFD and...
Code : 440752
Specifically Designed for Wet Conditions Based on our popular Shasta Gear Bag, our Water Rescue Gear Bag features quick-drain and breathable mesh sides and a durable reinforced vinyl bottom. It...
Code : SK-650-ORG
This unique system features a Sked® Stretcher pre-rigged for extremely rapid deployment into the water. Using CO2 inflatable float logs, this system can be in the water, ready to use...
Code : SK-600-OR
This flotation system maintains the Sked® in a nearly vertical position in the water. It is self-righting and keeps the patient’s head completely out of water, even in rough seas....
Code : MANU000160
FERNO - Appareil de flotaison (2 sections )
Code : FWB1
Siflet FOX40
Designed to fit all Cascade Professional and Advanced Series Litters with Daisy Chain. The system is self-righting, maintaining the litter in a head-high horizontal position for the ease of loading. Capable...
Code : 83001120
Le dispositif de bouche à bouche le plus utilisé dans le monde ! Entrée d'O2 Sangle de retenue  Boitier Jaune  Valve anti retour  The most widely used CPR mask in...
Code : 820050
Gants et serviette dans une pochette bleue /jaune
Code : 82001120
Masque de poche avec valve anti-retour et étui rigide jaune
Code : 82000633
Masque de poche, filtre, valve unidirectionnelle, pochette désinfectante, une paire de gants usage unique 
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