Code : SM230552
The new SMC TerrAdaptor™ Capstan Winch System mounts on any grey leg tube section in any position on the TerrAdaptor™ multi pod. A stainless steel rope guide ensures that the...
Code : SK-220-OR
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The Half-Sked is made of the same durable material as the Sked stretcher, but is only half as long. The patient is secured in the Half-Sked with sewn-in two inch...
Code : SK-225-OR
Because there is a need for a quick extrication device when spinal immobilization is not a concern, the CMC Rescue/SKEDCO Drag-N-Lift Harness™ was developed and engineered as a means to...
Code : SM230100N
Product Description For more information on TerrAdaptor and TerrAdoptor Accessories please visit: The most modular Tripod on the planet! Mono-Pod – The patented ball and spike feet provide stability! Bi-Pod – Varied head...
Code : 230105
Turn your TerrAdaptor into a Quad-Pod with this optional kit: Comes with Leg kit complete with Ball Foot, Hobble Plate & Basket, Center Leg Clamp with 3 Load Locking Pins...
Code : SK-700
The SKED-EVAC® Tripod extends to ten feet high at the three anchors which are available to clip into. Each of the anchors is anodized red for easy identification, and all...
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