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    Built with 100% inflation-molded carbon fiber for the ultimate combo of strength and lightweight performance, the Helio is the lightest ski pole on the market, designed for ski mountaineering races and technical mountain missions where every gram counts


    The embodiment of ultralight minimalism and the lightest ski poles on the market, the Black Diamond Helio ski poles are for technical ski mountaineers and devoted gram counters who aren't willing to compromise on performance. Built using an innovative inflation molding process and made from a single piece of high-strength carbon fiber, the Helio forgoes the bells and whistles for pure ultralight functionality. The poles’ stiffened powder baskets feature integrated hooking points for leveraging bars and buckles, and the simple webbing wrist straps help maintain a secure connection.

    • The lightest ski poles on the market
    • Inflation-molded, single-piece construction made from 100% carbon fiber provides ultra-strong, ultralight performance
    • Integrated grip and touring ring for choking up on steep terrain
    • Stiffened basket with hooking point for leveraging bars and buckles
    • Minimalist webbing wrist strap



      Weight Per Pair :  256 g (9 oz)
      Series :  Ski Mountaineering
      Usable Length :  [115 cm] 45.2 in
      [120 cm] 47.2 in
      [125 cm] 49.2 in
      [130 cm] 51.2 in


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