Code : CRC-RTB-T1

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    Cascade Toboggan CPR/Trauma Management Toboggan (special order only)

    Named "TRAUMA ONE", this new toboggan compliments the extensive line-up of Cascade Toboggans already in service. Primarily designed to allow two rescuers to safely and effectively perform CPR during transport. Traditionally, this has been accomplished by "lashing" two toboggans together or practicing a leap-frog method where the patient is rapidly transported to multiple "way points" during their journey to the aid room and subsequent ALS. Neither method is very effective. 


    TRAUMA ONE represents a significant step forward in CPR and trauma care en route to more advanced care and could substantively impact the patients chances for a positive outcome. TRAUMA ONEis useful for CPR and other life threatening injuries that require constant attention and airway management. Pictured are one of the many testing and proving runs made at Silver Mountain and Schweitzer Mountain.

    Each T1 comes with a fold down front seat for airway management personnel.  Under the seat is a carrier for an 0xygen bottle (various sizes will fit).  The bottom of the sled is completely padded and has 4 patient straps.  A complete harness system (easy in, easy out) comes with the T1.  This allows the rescuer performing compressions to remain stable and comfortable with being transported down the hill.  The comfort factor is extremely important here because it allows the rescuer to be more effective.  Two quick detach tailropes of varied length are also included for belay.  Braking and control is established through a chain brake release system.    


    Length: Approximately 110"  Width: 32"  Weight: 95lbs