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    New! Built around the all-new CMC CLUTCH™ by Harken Industrial™, the Double CLUTCH Twin Tension Rope System (TTRS) Kit delivers best practice twin tension h… 


    New! Built around the all-new CMC CLUTCH™ by Harken Industrial™, the Double CLUTCH Twin Tension Rope System (TTRS) Kit delivers best practice twin tension hauling/lowering for any rescue or training operation. This kit comes with two color-coded RigTech Packs™ that each carry independent hauling/lowering systems designed to work together in mirrored or nested configurations. Rescuers can use these components to build mechanical advantage systems on both 200ft 11mm CMC G11™ Lifelines simultaneously including a 3:1, 3:1 with change of direction, or complex 5:1. These ready-to-go systems minimize gear sorting and allocation. Rescue teams can shoulder their RigTech Packs knowing they have everything they need to quickly and efficiently deploy a best practice TTRS.

    The smooth, efficient action of the CLUTCH allows rescuers to haul more easily and lower with more control. Additional built-in features of the CLUTCH make it ideal for this kit including the ratcheting rotating sheave, Anti-Panic brake, force limiting protection, and integrated becket. When two CLUTCH devices are brought together in the Double CLUTCH Technique (aka “Double CLUTCH-ing”), rescuers can maintain nearly equal tension on both lines so that the load, often involving a rescuer, litter and a victim, is shared across two rope systems, reducing the risk of a single line failure. If a catastrophic event such as single line failure does occur, the Double CLUTCH Technique is preferable to a traditional slack belay because it prevents 100% load transfer on the slack belay line and thereby limits shock and extension in the system.

    The Double CLUTCH TTRS Kit includes CMC DNA ANSI Carabiners to align two CLUTCH devices on an anchor plate. This setup allows a single operator to manage both CLUTCH handles at the same time for simultaneous twin tension control. While the Double CLUTCH TTRS Kit can be deployed in a variety of ways, rescuers who combine kit components in the Double CLUTCH Technique will run a hauling/lowering system that meets current best practices, minimizes failure risk, and offers the potential to reduce personnel requirements.

    Key Features

    • Two self-contained, ready-to-go hauling/lowering systems with MA of 3:1 and 5:1
    • Color-coded components including RigTech Packs, CMC G11 Lifeline, and webbing
    • Compatible kit components for deploying a variety of twin tension rope systems
    • CLUTCH ratcheting, rotating sheave increases hauling efficiency and lowering control
    • CLUTCH Anti-Panic brake and force limiting features increase rope system safety
    • Kit is designed for combining two CLUTCH devices in Double CLUTCH Technique
    • Includes CMC DNA ANSI Carabiners for CLUTCH alignment on a single anchor plate
    • Double CLUTCH Technique meets best practices while reducing personnel and risk
    • NFPA G Rated CLUTCH and NFPA G Rated CMC G11 Lifeline 11mm (7/16in) provide strength with less weight and volume


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