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    One-way valve with filter, 5/pack


    One-way valve with filter, 5/pack



          • Clear plastic, with soft inflated cuff and fold down top, designed to fit adult or child
          • No assembly required
          • Patented BLS One-way Valve with biological filter – allows no backflow of air or contaminants from patient to rescuer – over 99% bacterial and viral filtration efficiency
          • Anatomical shaped cushion design for air-tight fit
          • Meets all clinical and technical requirements, i.e. flowrates, tidal volume and volume pressure ratios
          • Not affected by extreme temperatures
          • Standard 22mm fittings – can be used with any resuscitator or bag mask
          • Compact carrying case
          • 100% disposable mask and valve
          • Latex free

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                      One-way valve with filter Each, One-way valve with filter 5/pk, Facemask with O2, headstrap and one-way valve, Facemask with O2, headstrap, one-way valve, skin wipe and nitrile gloves in case