Code : 40-005

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    The SS Series Line Launcher uses a .22 caliber blank to launch specifically designed line launcher projectiles to desired distances and targets.  The Line Launcher has an aluminum canister that houses a 600′ center wound nylon shot line spool.  The braided nylon line has a rated break strength of 150 lbs.

    Reloading is simple, just remove the cap on the canister when the shot line is depleted and replace it with a new spool of shot line.

    The SS Series Line Launcher was designed specifically for the swift water & ski lift rescue industry.  The combination of a pistol grip, full length shoulder stock and aero-dynamic projectiles allow for very precise placement of the line every time!  The stock on the Line Launcher has been engineered to separate into two pieces for ideal storage and portability.

    The SS Series Line Launcher is NOT considered a firearm and is the ideal tool for various applications.