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    Robust and easy-to-use headset for collective use, delivered in pack of fourPANGA is a robust and easy-to-use headset for collective use. Its FLIP & FIT system immediately positions the head circumference in a low position, guaranteeing excellent helmet performance. This system also protects the headband during storage and transportation, and allows easy adjustment by the operator or user. PANGA is composed of three completely dismountable elements and all available in spare parts: cap, calotin and headband. Helmet available in pack of four units and in three colors


    Designed for intensive use and optimized life:- robust construction cap,- expanded polypropylene cap for excellent wear resistance,- FLIP & FIT system to retract the headband in the helmet, to protect it during storage and transport.• Helmet consisting of three completely removable elements: cap, cap and head circumference. These elements are all available as spare parts, which extends the service life and optimizes the cost for the operator.• Easy to use :- FLIP & FIT system allowing to immediately place the head circumference in low position for an excellent behavior of the helmet on the head. This system includes an adjustment of the headband easy to adjust by the operator or by the user,- one size for easy material management,- dedicated areas to affix a visible marking on the outside of the cap.• Available in three colors.• Grouping by four


    Material (s): acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, expanded polypropylene, polyester, polyamideCertification (s): CE EN 12492, UIAAHead circumference: 48-61 cmWeight: 330 g