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    Designed for activities where stealth is key (hunting, fishing, nature watching...), the TACTIKKA headlamp offers 200 lumens of power. It features a very long burn time and versatile lighting: proximity lighting, and red lighting to preserve night vision and stealth. TACTIKKA is a HYBRID headlamp that is compatible with the CORE rechargeable battery


    • Red lighting preserves night vision and stealth
    • Long burn time
    • Three lighting modes: proximity, movement and distance
    • Simple to use; single button allows you to quickly and easily select the lighting mode
    • TACTIKKA is a HYBRID headlamp: it comes with three standard batteries, and is also compatible with the CORE rechargeable battery
    • Available in two colors, for specific uses




    • Light output: 200 lumens
    • Weight: 86 g
    • Beam pattern: flood
    • Energy: Three AAA/LR03 batteries (included) or CORE rechargeable battery (available as accessory)
    • Battery compatibility: rechargeable Ni-MH
    • Certification(s): CE
    • Watertightness: IP X4 (weather resistant)


    References E93ACA E93ACB
    Color(s) black camouflage
    Guarantee 5 years 5 years
    Packing 1 1
    Price $29.95 $29.95


    Lighting color Lighting modes Brightness Distance Burn time
    white MAX AUTONOMY 5 lm 10 m 240 h
    STANDARD 100 lm 40 m 60 h
    MAX POWER 200 lm 60 m
    red proximity 2 lm 5 m
    strobe visible at 700 m for 400 h


    Click Here for the instructions document