Code : 40-001

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    The RL Series Line Launcher uses a .22 caliber blank to launch specifically designed line launcher projectiles to desired distances and targets. The Line Launcher is equipped with a reel to retrieve and reuse the shot line. The shot line is 250′ of 130 lb test. Once you set your line in the tree you tie your rope off to the shot line. At this point you simply retrieve the line with the drag lever located at the bottom of the reel. The shot line will arrange itself in the storage bottle tangle free for the next shot. The reel is designed so there is no bail or lever to open in order for the string to exit the bottle. This lends way to very simple operation that is extremely user friendly.

    The RL Series Line Launcher was designed specifically for arborist industry. The combination of a pistol grip, full length shoulder stock and aero-dynamic projectiles allow for very precise placement of the line every time! The stock on the Line Launcher has been engineered to separate into two pieces for ideal storage and portability.

    The RL Series Line Launcher has been proven to save time & money on job sites! Your outfit can eliminate the large & cumbersome apparatuses that are currently available in the industry as well as the hand throwing devices that take much effort and time to learn. The RL Series is extremely practical for its application! It is low cost, easy to acquire precise placement every time, and is amazingly compact and portable.

    The SS Series Line Launcher is NOT considered a firearm.