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    The RQ3 Firehose Inflation System is useful for both swiftwater and ice rescue. Filled with air, the hose floats and is rigid enough to be passed across water or ice to a victim. This is fast becoming the standard for swiftwater and ice rescue teams.
    • Deluxe kit includes: 2 1/2" female aluminum hose cap with tie down for securing safety lines.
    • The 2-1/2" male aluminum hose cap has standard quick disconnect fitting for attaching your filler hose.and a tie down for securing a safety line.
    • The pressure relief valve is set at 35-40 pounds to protect the hose and fittings.
    • SCBA high-pressure valve and wheel, with hose, lets you fill the system with your own SCBA bottles.
    • Includes a custom carrying case.
    Weight: 4 lb 4 oz
    • 2 1/2" hose fittings, with tie down points
    • Male fitting has quick disconnect filler fitting
    • 35-40 psi pressure relief valve
    • Custom carrying case