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    Sizes: Full Length: 18" x 4.25" (45 cm x 10.5 cm)

    The SAM Jun Splint 18inches is very flexible and malleable until a curve or fold is placed anywhere across its longitudinal axis and then it becomes rigid and suitable for splinting.

    For those of you who live life on the edge (and even those who don't) be sure to have your SAM Jun Splint 18 with you. The most handy quick junt splint you'll find that takes up relatively no space or weight in your pack. It also makes a great IV board and is ideal for children's injuries.

    The SAM Jun Splint 18 is radiolucent, can be cleaned and even cut with a regular pair of scissors if necessary (cutting exposes the thin aluminum core, we recommend folding the edge on itself a couple of times or covering the edge with tape). Hold the splint in position wind is ideal with elastic wrap, gauze, tape or whatever material you have available.