Code : S059AA00

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    Tilting device for NEST litter

    The STEF tilting device joins the three connection points of the NEST litter and allows it to be easily tilted according to the terrain. It has three Am’D TRIACT-LOCK connectors for automatic locking of the connection points, and a swivel for precise orientation of the litter.


    • Allows the litter to be easily tilted according to the terrain: horizontal, vertical or angled position
    • Three Am’D TRIACT-LOCK connectors equipped with a CAPTIV positioning bar, for automatic locking of the connection points
    • Swivel allows the litter to be precisely oriented
    • Sm’D connector locks the litter in a horizontal position
    • Orientation of use easily identified with color coding
    • Attachment points for Tyrolean are separate from the vertical attachment points, to easily switch evacuation modes
    • Tilting device can easily be used with a JAG SYSTEM 2 m haul kit to tilt the litter with precision




    • Material(s): polyester, aluminum
    • Weight: 640 g
    • Maximum load: 140 kg


    References S059AA00
    Color(s)                                         Black
    Guarantee                                         3 years
    Packing                                         1


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